Camp NCN
Camp NCN

Post New Years Hotel Takeover is On!

No one Under 18!

Exciting News!

Post New Years Hotel Takeover Locked in for January 1-3, 2016

At Madison Hotel


BOOK NOW as this may be the only Hotel Takeover for the year. Marv is working on a party for April 1-3rd, but nothing is definite. This Post New Years Hotel Takeover is locked-in! Join us to get the New Year started off in style.

There will be $1500 in giveaways spread over both nights; some will be weekend packages at Camp NCN (not including cabins or electricty).

Marv's Guarantee

I, Marvin Thomann guarantee this event will not be canceled for Post New Years. I sat down with the owner of the Hotel and his wife and made this contract happen.

Exceptional Line-up Planned for Post-New Year's Hotel Takeover

Friday night (January 1) is the most original costume party for the Halloween party we didn't see. Saturday night (January 2nd) will be the 'Toga Party'. Learn More


New Calendar of Events!

Welcome to our new calendar. Select event, then click url to book. We are currently loading events into the calendar for the 2016 Season.

Please Note:You do not need a Paypal account to pre-book accommodations. You can use a Credit/Debit card after clicking on the Paypal button at check-out.